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Malancrav is a small saxon village located at 25 km from Sighisoara, between the beautiful hills of the area. Mentioned in documents since 1305, the village belonged to the noble Apafi family and it is of particular interest because it has the highest proportion of remained Saxons in any village in Transylvania with very well preserved houses owing to its isolation down 13 km of untarmaced road.

The local Evangelic church has one of the richest and best preserved frescos in Transylvania dating back to the 15th century. The Altar is the oldest entire altarpiece still in original location, dated back in 1520, in Transylvania. The old Apafi Manor House, which belonged to the Hungarian princely Apafi, recently renovated, and the eco orchard where the organic apple juice is made, are also an attractions.

The Orchard
Many traditional varieties of apple, pear, plum, and walnut trees are to be found in this 200 acre orchard. Some of the apples are ancient German and local varieties, including Renet de Leizberg, Renet de Bauman, Frumos de Boscop, Parman Auriu and Gustav Durabil. Fruit and juice was produced and sold in 2001. The British Embassy donated new juicing  equipment.
You should have a taste of the lovely organic apple juice of Malancrav.

How to get there:
By car: 2 h drive (from Sighisoara go to Medias direction then turn left to Iacobeni). For train schedule click here
By train: only until Sighisoara or Medias. No regular buses from here.

Distance from Brasov:
141 km

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Tel: +40 722 886 054