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Bear watching at Zarnesti
Inaugurated over 2 years ago, the LiBEARty reserve is the first natural reserve in Romania for captive bears. Is situated in the forest on the hill upon the entrance to Zarnesti city, 2 km from the national road 73A Rasnov- Zarnesti – Sibiu and stretches on 60 hectares of luxuriant forest, creeks and ponds.
If you want to visit the reserve, and possibly see some bears in their natural habitat, under the careful supervision of the reserve’s administrators, you can do it in an organized way. Details here.

Classical music at the Valea Cetatii Cave
Not far from Brasov, some classical music fans thought they should take out the musical notes from the auditorium and harmonized them in other original setup – a cave. Thus, the classical music concerts in were transferred to the Valea Cetatii cave located at 1,5 km from Rasnov city, on the road between Rasnov and Poiana Brasov. The cave was fitted last year by a team of speleologists and ever since then the cave hosts classical music concerts, every Saturday. A ticket costs aprox 40 Ron and can be bought at the ticket office at the cave entrance. Details and show schedule here .

Muddy Volcanoes
If you would like to see a really interesting geological phenomenon, we recommend to visit the so called Muddy Volcanoes, at Berca, Buzau County, 150km from Brasov.
Geological natural reserve of 30 ha, Muddy Volcanoes are formed due to gas eruption from the ground, that bring along mud and water to surface. These have the same structure as real volcanoes, having similar processes in interior. In other words, we have miniature volcanoes with cones no larger than 5-6m in height, and smaller depth from which the “lava” is ejected toward the surfaces. As a result, you will find a mostly arid surface but also spectacular. For details visit here


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