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FAGARAS Stronghold

The famous Fagaras fortress, beeing over 650 years, is located in the center of the Fagaras city. Fagaras Fortress is the most impressive monument of the town, and the core around which the town was actually built. Its purpose was to defend south-eastern Transilvania. In the following centuries it became a resistence point against turkish and tartar incursions.

The existence of the Fagaras Citadel favoured the early development of the guilds, particularly those of the tanners and of the potters. At the same time, it became an important political centre with Diets being held there. The Fortress functioned mainly as a residence home to its prince-owners and high dignitaries together with their families. Records show that its interiors must have been luxurious in the 17th century; unfortunately, little of its former glamour has been preserved to the day. The castle was deprived of its decorations and fancy furniture when it was turned into a military garisson (18th century).

How to get there:
By car: 1 h drive (on the road to Sibiu, DN1 / E68)
By train: Departure from main train station Brasov. For time-table please check here; Cost: aprox. 15 euro (return)

Distance from Brasov:
75 km

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